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Are there Exclusively Online Cosmetology School Programs?

As a cosmetologist you will work with clients, treating their skin, cutting hair, performing pedicures and manicures and giving makeovers. A student that is interested in enrolling in a certificate or degree program can find an online cosmetology school that is accredited but will also require the student to take some courses in class in order to participate in the hands on training that’s mandatory when obtaining an education in this field.

Why Exclusively Online Programs are not available

Exclusively online cosmetology school programs are not available in this field because of the hands on training that is required for this profession. Some courses for this program that are considered prerequisites can be completed online as can continuing education courses for licensed cosmetologists.

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Students that have found an online cosmetology school will need to be aware of state licensing requirements. Cosmetologists will need to be licensed in order to work in this field and a common requirement for certification is graduation from an accredited cosmetology program. Online programs in this field will not be eligible for accreditation, especially those schools that don’t offer traditional courses.  A student will need to ensure that their cosmetology program fulfills licensing obligation in their particular state before committing to enrollment.

Online Courses Available for Cosmetology

Physiology and anatomy are common prerequisite classes in a cosmetology program as are some classes regarding dermatology and skin care. Students can find blended programs at a local cosmetology school that will offer some of these prerequisite courses online, allowing the student to have some flexibility in their schedule. However, unlike exclusively online programs, the hybrid program will require the student to have each section completed within a week’s time as opposed to working solely on a student’s availability.

The cosmetology law and business course can also be taken as an online course and is directed towards the cosmetologist who is interested in going into management in this field. There are degrees available that are specifically design to give professional cosmetologists the option to complete this type of degree while being employed on a full time basis.

Licenses in this field are regulated and issued by the state cosmetology boards.  The licensing requirements plainly state that training programs for the cosmetology field must be completed on a school campus as students will be required to receive supervised training.

After a student has completed a certified program, they will qualify for taking state appointed cosmetology licensing exams. All states require the professional beauticians to be licensed. A license for this field will need to be renewed every three years.

Online programs that do not require accreditation from the state include advanced courses such as hair extension application, wig treatment, and nail design and eyebrow shaping.  To find a list of state approved programs and cosmetology courses you can visit the state cosmetology board website.

 Students interested in advanced positions in cosmetology can enroll in online cosmetology school business administration programs and open their own salons. Another career option can also be for them to become cosmetology instructors.


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