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Nail Technician Schools: Finding the Right One For You

The training provided at nail technician schools will involve learning about nail manicures and pedicures, nail polish application techniques, how to apply artificial nails and how to identify diseases of the nails.   Nail technician schools currently offer certificate programs and associate degree programs. Here we’ll find out how it can benefit you to enroll in a cosmetology program in order to have a broader education in the health and beauty field and also learn about the different types of advanced nail technology courses offered through cosmetology schools.

How to Find the Right Nail Technician Program

Those interested in nail tech programs will need to make sure the school they consider is accredited by the state. The technician will need to be state licensed in order to practice in this field.  Students that are interested in running their own nail salon should also look for cosmetology schools that offer business courses, and sales and marketing coursework.

nail technician schools

A student that plans on working in a supervisory role can consider an associate’s degree program in cosmetology. The two year associate’s program will be better suited for students who are interested in earning their education as a beautician, a profession which includes nail technician duties, hair styling, hair cutting and makeup application.

Having a certificate in nail technology implies a student has received training in the process of maintaining, designing and applying nails, in addition to manicure and pedicure procedures.  Training provided in a nail tech program will include both classroom and clinical experiences, with courses such as acrylics, nail gel applications, pedicures, manicures, sanitation, cuticle care and hygiene.

After graduation the nail technician is required by the state to take the certification exam in order to work professionally in this field. Some states will require nail technicians to earn a small amount of continuing education each year, through programs that mainly focus on nail sanitation practices.

Earning an Associate’s Degree in Cosmetology

An associate’s degree program will introduce students to a broader range of skills as opposed to the education provided through a certificate program. Students will study styling, hair cutting, makeup application, nail health, acrylic nail application, manicure and pedicure procedures, skin care, customer service and business management. These programs will prepare students to work in nail salons, health spas, resorts and hotels at an entry level position.

Advanced courses in nail design, nail airbrushing, gel application and hand painted design can be found through cosmetology schools, high end nail salons or online through accredited beauty school programs. These courses can consist of one week to sixty days and may involve supervised internships depending on the length of the program. Courses such as nail airbrushing will require the student to purchase the airbrush in addition to paying for the program. Costs for advanced programs at nail technician schools will range from $2,000 to $8,000.

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