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Hair School can prepare you for a High Paying Career

Hair school will teach students how to cut, style, color and treat hair. College level programs can typically be found through cosmetology programs, where students can choose to enroll in a degree or certificate program in cosmetology.  Hair schools will also offer accelerated diploma programs specifically for hair cutting, or styling.

How to Earn a Certificate in Hair Styling

One week long certificate programs are available for programs that solely focus on hair coloring or styling, while some hair styling programs can last up to six months. A student will learn cutting, shampooing, treatment and styling techniques through hands on training, lectures and coursework. A school will offer beginner, intermediate and advanced courses as a student grows in a program.  Certificate programs will typically require students to be at least 16 years of age to qualify for enrollment.

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Classes in a cosmetology program will cover different hair textures and styling and coloring methods. A student will learn about state sanitation laws and safety measures used when the hair dresser handles hair styling products or hair treatment chemicals.  Clinical training is provided in order to allow the student to practice different techniques and procedures used in the field. Some programs will also teach students how to style, maintain and dress wigs. Other types of courses offered include disinfecting and maintaining equipment, straightening and curling hair, how to style thick hair, shampooing, how to style thinning hair, hair coloring, hair highlighting and hair conditioning treatments.

Licensing Requirements for the Hair Stylist

Every state will require the hair stylist to be licensed. Most states will require the stylist to pass a written, oral and practical exam to qualify for licensure. Other certification requirements include having attended a state accredited education program and being over 16 years of age.

Cosmetology programs will teach students the science behind styling, treating and cutting hair. The program can also cover pedicures and manicures, hair removal methods and skin care techniques. Many of these types of programs can take nine to twelve months to complete and will have age requirements for enrollment.  For a cosmetology certificate program a large part of the time a student spends in class will be devoted to mastering techniques used when applying makeup, styling hair, chemically treating hair  and working with real clients in a schools salon. Some of the common courses in this program will include salon operations, specialty haircutting methods, chemical products and chemistry, scalp health, permanents, hair coloring and safety and sanitation laws.

After graduating from a hair styling or cosmetology program the professional can work in such settings as health spas, movie industry, fashion industry, barber shops, salons and hotels.

An associate’s degree in hairstyling and cosmetology will train a student on how to complete cosmetic makeovers and haircuts based on the shape of the clients face and their coloring. The associate’s degree program will generally take two years to complete and includes hair care procedures, advanced haircutting techniques, ethics of air care, skin treatments, scalp health care and hair extension application.

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