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Esthetician School Certificate Programs

As an esthetician you will be trained to apply body wraps, facials, salt glows, chemical peels and other skin care treatments. To work as an esthetician you will need to enroll in an accredited program and take state licensing exams in order to practice legally. Enrolling in an esthetician school certificate program can take place in-class or online and prepares a student for an entry level position in a health spa, hotel, resort or salon.

How Online Esthetician Programs Work

Currently there aren’t any available accredited programs for an esthetician school online; however some programs will offer different types of hybrid courses that can allow a student to complete theoretical courses online, although for an esthetician program you will be required to complete hands on training. The blended programs that are available can offer coursework that needs to be completed on a weekly basis. Students will need to attend in-class courses for the clinical aspect of the training program which will involve working on themselves and their classmates performing facials, minor chemical peels and massage.


Esthetician school programs will provide training in sanitation, skin science, facial treatments, disorders of the skin, skin nutrition and theory and practice for estheticians. Advanced training programs available will cover how to perform chemical peels, how to use botox, dermal fillers and microsclerotheraphy.  A student can choose to take strictly esthetician based courses or they can enroll in a cosmetology program which will cover the basics of several different beauty fields such as hairstyling, nail health and makeup application.

As a professional, an esthetician can work in the paramedical esthetics field or they can work as a makeup artist.  Two year certificate programs are available for esthetics with the program including an introduction to skin care, science, and cosmetology and business management.

An esthetician program will have a cost between $17,000 to $22,000 depending on the state and individual school.

Continuing Education Programs and Workshops for the Esthetics Field

These certificate programs and workshops can be found through online universities, nursing colleges and cosmetology schools. These programs will teach physiology and anatomy of the skin, wound management and wound assessment. A program in esthetics can count as continuing education in the nursing field, for those needing to maintain licensure in that field.

Advanced courses that are available are directed for medical field professionals and will focus on the use of laser during cosmetic skin procedures. The student will be educated on the different types of lasers used and their applications.  The training in advanced courses can also involve cellulite removal and Mesotheraphy. Workshop topics will include common dermatology procedures and pain management. Workshop costs will depend on the length of the workshop and its location.


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