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High Paying Cosmetology Careers

Cosmetology careers involve the practice and study of beautification treatments that will include skin care, hairstyling, chemical coloring, nail care and health, skin care and makeup application. As a cosmetologist student you will be able to choose a specialty area for your cosmetology career’s focus, such as makeup artist, hairstylist, nail technician and esthetician. Cosmetology programs will teach the basics for each type of specialty, allowing the cosmetologist to work as a freelancer for special occasions, work in a hotel, resort, health clubs or salon.

Different Positions Held in the Cosmetology Profession

When choosing between different cosmetology careers, you can opt to work as a hair color specialist, barber, manicurist, esthetician, makeup artist or a combination of these positions. All positions will share the common goal of improving the appearance of the client. The typical day for the cosmetologist will involve several duties including styling, hair cutting, scalp massages, applying hair color, makeup application, manicures and pedicures and demonstrating makeup application for clients in order to educate them on the proper way to apply their makeup or style their hair.


Some cosmetology careers require experience beyond the technical skills involved in cosmetology, such as administrative and management skills.  Those with such skills can, for example, work as a salon manager or open their own salon. Other career options include cosmetic sales representative, makeup consultant, independent stylist, image consultant, esthetician and cosmetology instructor.  Working as an independent image consultant can allow the cosmetologist to work in the television or movie industry and in the fashion industry.

Working in this field the majority of barbers, hairstylists and makeup artists will work forty to sixty hours a week, depending on their level of skill and years of experience. The cosmetologist’s schedule will depend on the amount of clients they see on a routine basis.

Working as an esthetician you can find employment in day spas, resorts and salons. The esthetician is one of the highest paid positions in the cosmetology field. As an esthetician you will perform a variety of beautification procedures that will include body wraps, facials, blackhead removal, chemical peels and hair removal.

Many estheticians have education in a variety of specialty fields.  As an esthetician you can have licensing for this specific area or you can obtain your cosmetology license.  The esthetician is not a medical doctor and is not qualified to diagnose a skin condition or prescribe medications but they can express their concerns to a client, should they notice an unusual rash or irritation of the skin.  This type of career can pay $38,000 to $54,000 annually depending on the type of facility the esthetician works in.

One of the most popular and competitive cosmetology careers is that of the hairstylist. Its competitiveness requires the professional to have five or more years of experience in the field in order to make a high salary, and places of employment such as day spas and resorts can provide the higher pay. In the beginning of the hairstylist’s career they will supplement their income by receiving tips or working as a freelancer on the side for special clients for occasions such as proms and weddings.  The average salary for this position when first starting out in the field ranges from $32,000 to $34,000. The majority of hairstylists will find employment through salons and barbershops.

Education Requirements for the Cosmetologist

Requirements for this type of career will vary by state, although every state requires cosmetologists to take state exams and become licensed. To qualify for the state licensing exams the cosmetologist will need to complete a state accredited training program that can be found through individual beauty schools, community colleges and vocational schools. Some states will count apprenticeships as a substitution for completing an education program.


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