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Top Cosmetology Schools

The field of cosmetology involves studying and practicing different types of beautification treatments which will include eyebrow shaping, facials, hair styling  hair sculpting, nail treatments, makeup application and skin care. The student can choose several of these fields to specialize in or have one main area of choice such as hair styling or makeup artistry. Here we’ll find out about the courses offered through cosmetology schools, their internship programs and compensation, enrollment requirements and job placement assistance possibilities. We’ll also take a look at the top cosmetology schools and the cost of this type of program.

The Cosmetology Education Requirements

As a licensed cosmetologist you can work as a hair color specialist, hairstylist, makeup artist, manicurist or esthetician.  A beautician that has three or more years of experience can work in supervisory positions such as head makeup artist, salon manager, runway makeup artist or they can open up their own salon.  cosmetology schools

The education and licensing requirements will vary by state, but all states will require a cosmetologist to have certification.

The cosmetology training programs will last nine months to one year and will include courses in haircutting, chemical hair treatments, hair styling, scalp treatments, pedicures and manicures, facials, acrylic nail methods and eyebrow shaping. The cosmetologist will also need to take several health care focused courses, such as scalp disorders, scalp analysis, skin diseases, chemistry and safety, scalp massage and nail health.

Students will initially practice their new techniques on mannequins and other students. During the final months of the program in cosmetology schools they will work in the school’s salon, using their newly learned techniques on real clients. While the student is not paid hourly compensation for this type of internship they are allowed to receive tips. During the internship the students will work under the supervision of program instructors who will be available to assist them during each step of a cosmetic process and will grade them based on the end result and the customer’s satisfaction.  The students will also be graded based on how they deal with their clients and how they handle unsatisfactory feedback for services provided.

Associate’s degree programs offered at beautician schools can be completed in two years and can be found through universities, community colleges, technical schools and beauty colleges.

Program and Licensing Requirements

To qualify for enrollment into a certificate program at cosmetology schools an applicant will need to be at least 16 years of age and have their high school diploma or GED.  The degree programs will require the student to be a minimum of 18 years of age.


After a program has been completed, the graduate will need to take the state licensing exam in order to become certified. To qualify for the licensing exam you will need to have several hours dedicated to different aspects of cosmetology, such as 100 hours of hairstyling, 75 hours of pedicures and manicures or 50 hours of infection control.  Other areas of required hours will include nail technology, barbering, career development and esthetics.


Top Beautician School Programs

The beauty school Paul Mitchell can be found all over the country and features internships working in the school salon, live demonstrations, online study courses, nights, evening and weekend classes and job placement after graduation. The core courses for this program will include hygiene, infection control, anatomy, hygiene, hairstyling basics, haircutting and sanitation.

Haircutting courses involve bleaching, hair shaping, hair cutting, styling, and waving, curling and chemical treatments.  Students will attend seminars and learn how to perform scalp treatments, identify scalp diseases and how to provide care to minor scalp irritations and when to know whether to refer the client to a physician.

A course in makeup application, chemical peels and massage are also included in the Paul Mitchell cosmetology program. The nail technician course teaches students how to identify diseases of the nail, how to properly sterilize nail equipment and how to perform pedicures and manicures. The cost of a Paul Mitchell program will range from$ 20,000 to$ 25,000, based on the type of program you choose and will include the cost of study materials, uniforms and the supplies needed during the duration of the program.

The Designing Beauty Academy offers a cosmetology program that is dedicated to training their students on the basic safety practices, work habits and manipulative skills that are needed in order to qualify for an entry level position in the cosmetology field.  This certificate program involves 60 credit hours of instruction, not including internship hours. The program has a cost of $18,000 including uniforms, study guides and the course required makeup kit.

Courses included in this certificate program involve shampooing, haircutting, chemical texture services, manicures and pedicures, artificial nail application, facials, skin care, makeup, hair removal, safety and sanitation regulations, salesmanship and safe work practices.

An internship is available through this cosmetology school’s salon once the student has complete 30 hours of supervised instruction.

How long are certificate programs for cosmetology?

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